Hair care and maintain & Glammane HD Lace

How to Wash Your Wig
• Fill sink with warm water.
• Add shampoo with hair care ingredients and submerge wig.
• Gently squeeze out excess water, avoiding wringing.
• Rinse thoroughly, then gently squeeze out remaining liquid and dry with towel.
• Alternatively, if short on time, spray human hair wig with water and conditioner mixture to revive curls.

How to Make Your Wig More Durable
Tangles can result from static, improper wearing, or incorrect storage.
• Condition wig before and after wearing with products like coconut oil, olive oil, and conditioner.
• Avoid excessive hair spray use to minimize tangling.
• Apply generous amount of conditioner from ends to roots.
• Let wig absorb conditioner for 20 minutes.
• Rinse with warm water, then finish with cool water to close cuticles.
• Gently blot excess water with soft towel for natural drying.


What is HD Lace Wigs?
HD lace wigs, crafted with Swiss-made lace, are known for their exceptional softness.
✳Due to the thinness and delicacy of HD lace wigs, they require meticulous care to maintain their exquisite look and prolong their lifespan.✳

HD Lace Wigs Key Care Tips
• Pre-Wash Prep: Remove glue from lace before washing to protect and maintain hair quality.
• Washing Frequency: Wash 2x/month for regular use or 1x/month for occasional use to prevent damage and extend lifespan.
• Cold Water Wash: Use cold water and wide-tooth comb for even shampoo distribution, minimize hair splitting, and ensure thorough cleaning.
• Pro Stylist for Coloring: Avoid self-dyeing HD lace wigs; consult a professional stylist to minimize potential damage.